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Check out these small businesses and artists in whom we support below. We know that our mission will only work through Unity so we empower others to bee great so we all can bee great.

The Most High intends for us to live via nature as moral bee-ings so we strive to bee an example via all of our senses so that others may bee inspired to live their purpose and dreams in these beautiful times on the planet.

You can find anything from TLC Thirteen Love Community and Global News Coverage, TLC 13 Magazine, handmade jewelry, raw honey, soap, logos, webpage design, good music, clothing, turbans, handmade head covers, bags, basketry, wealth of information and much Moor! Many moor businesses to fit your needs COMING SOON! 

Thirteen Love Community™ PRIVATE: where we strive to live according to nature's laws and be self sufficient in every way. We thank our elders and those who have paved the way for us to be here today, so we seek to give back to those who have guided us along our journey. If you would like to donate to the TLC Thirteen Love Community™ and empower the younger and elder generations all over the world click here https://www.paypal.me/TLC13LOVE/ and watch EMPOWERING videos here! https://www.youtube.com/user/da13thsun/

TLCNews13 ™ TLCNews13™ for all your Community and Global news coverage. https://paper.li/TLCNews13/1419311390/

The life we live is the life we give ... Soon you will see... All rights reserved. Forever Out Here™ Check out recipes, poetry, etymology, tees, remedies, featured businesses and Moor! http://claritydaily.org/

At RiObey™ Originals® its not just clothes anymore it's clothes with a message, " Don't follow us walk beside us" and RiObey Originals™ http://www.riobeyoriginals.com/

Home of TLC 13 Magazine, website logo/design services, and Moor! http://good-vybez.com/

13love Buttons/Keychains, Turbans, and Solar powered products http://www.telohv13eys.com/

Florida Raw Honey and 10% of all profits goes back into TLC http://beesnatural247love.com

Promoting & supporting the rehabilitation & security of a balanced living through sustainable means | Organic Seeds, Soil, Plants, Garden Plans & Moor. Sow Your Future - Plant A Seed™ http://manasprings.co/

Moor Crown Jewelry http://moorcrownjewelry.bigcartel.com/

AJA Naturals is dedicated to providing All Natural & Vegan Personal Care Products for the betterment of your Body, Mind & Spirit. http://www.ajanaturals.com/

Aromatherapy organic body lotions made proudly in Puerto Rico with food grade quality products to enhance your health, beauty and overall well-being! Born through a connection to mother earth. A brand spiritually inspired to infuse organic body lotions with nature's aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils. http://aromaoilganics.bigcartel.com/

High Frequency Wooden Jewelry, Waist beads and Krown Loc Jewels http://krown13.bigcartel.com/

13th Conscious Issues, Web-Page Design, Album Covers, Custom Logos & Portraits, and Moor! www.babobey13.bigcartel.com

Apparels www.eluminationclothing.bigcartel.com

Adele's Electric Rays https://www.etsy.com/shop/AdelesElectricRays

Magnetic, copper, and gemstone jewelry! Handmade to raise and protect the wearers frequency by producing raw magnetic energy, being amplified by the coppers natural elements, and the gemstones unique energies. Patience and thought goes into each piece. 13Love Social Sites: DeyMaLex™ Online shop: http://www.zeropointjewelry.com

Heruankhamun Bey (muse merch art culture) http://heru.biz/

At https://merkabarising616.bigcartel.com/ our bags do the work so yah hands don't have to; free yah hands in style.

Protect your INNER world with handmade headcovers from INNER ARMOR 13. All rights reserved. http://innerarmor13.bigcartel.com/

SS Awarehouse13™ is literally ''a warehouse13 '' bringing forth good home crafts and arts for our everyday usage. We express our crafts in the art of basketry and besides that we love to share with the world the beauty of art from our heart. Summer Son Awarehouse13™ also gives a dynamic trend in writings and more; for popular and unpopular awareness, bringing awareness back round, like a basket. Visit us at http://www.awarehouse13.net//

'' Our Quality Is in Equality Forevermore™ ''

Tree of Life https://teespring.com/treeoflife913

13Soaps™ Vegan Eco-Friendly Handmade Soaps "For the Love of Animals People & The Planet" http://13soaps.com/

Digital Creatives Company. 13 http://aquariusgold.com

"Your soulution is here. Soular Vibrations provides you with an assortment of useful goods. Much raspect to the beings who care about the wellness of the mind, body, and soul. 13love"" http://kingsrequiem.bigcartel.com

"A place where hip hop 4 huemanitee lives where the artist is about thee soul A place of healing as vibration frequency are one with words and sound uplifting All who has an ear to hear and injoy the messages recieved through the construction of the Company.. Leonidas G Cue Entertainment and production also known as LGC Entertainment and production is known around the world for the Unique sound .. This creation is to bee ultimately for my TLC private peepel and other Souls who love that Rael music with a message 13 love never will one bee Mu- Sick" http://leonidasgcue.com

Johan Ospina Photography™ specializes in Film Production, Photography, Music Videos, Commercials, Editing, Art Direction, Graphic Design, and much Moor. We're exclusive, one of a kind, come vibe with us! [ www.johanospina.com ] New website launching in The Spring of 2016. All Rights Reserved. 13Love. http://www.johanospina.com

Digital Minds has Righteous gear, Righteous music and a team that offers multiple digital marketing services for TLC http://www.diligentminds.org/

Specialize in Moorish jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is 232 pieces printed on white cardboard stock in high gloss fuji quality imagery. Coming Soon is also Moorish history and activity books for children. http://www.13words13books.com/

Growing with Nature and bringing you all things REAL. Superfoods, Products, News, Reviews, Recipes, Fitness.https://www.treeoflif3.com/